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Sugar Detox Spray

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Hands Down This Absolutely Works!

After spraying the sugar detox spray on my tongue, it tasted a lot like green tea. And then after drinking the cola, the drink just tasted funky, there's no words to describe it. It tasted more like a sludge in your mouth. Which is weird. I didn't know it was gonna taste like that and it was disgusting, like, if you took some mud and eat it, that's what it tasted like. I did not expect that. And then the second time? It tasted worse than the first time. First, your hands down this absolutely works! I am so excited to be a part of this and discover this product and just try it out. It absolutely, 100% works. That definitely blocked my craving and just tasting that cola? I never want to taste that again. I can't believe it worked as well as it did and I definitely have no desire to even partake in any sort of holiday treats. After tasting what it did to a cola drink? I will pass. If you're someone who's weak like me around this time and loves to indulge in the cookies and the cakes and all that around the holidays, you definitely want to pick this up. This will absolutely work and I promise you it will deter any cravings you have. I will definitely be keeping this handy in my purse as it's just a little compact little tube and it even fits right in my pocket.

Make Sure You Have It When You're Going To A Bakery!

You know what's strange? The donut is not as sweet and I don't crave another bite from it. It changed my taste buds. I really don't taste the sweetness that I did before I sprayed it. It really does curb your appetite for sweets. This product's claims are pretty accurate, it's dead-on. Definitely make sure you have it as one of those things that you want to keep in your purse, especially if you are going to a bakery!

This Thing Is Solid!

I could not taste the snickers, I'm so disappointed! But at the same time, it's dope because this detox spray does what it says it does! It tasted like nothing, so you're not gonna want to eat the snicker bar. First impression, this thing is solid. This is hard, because I want my snicker! But I know that when I bite it, it's gonna taste like nothing so, I don't even want it now. If you're having troubles with staying on track, or maintaining.. we're all trying to eat better, eat healthier but, sometimes, we go over the top with it and sometimes we just have this "gi-normous" cravings and this sugar detox spray is definitely gonna help with those cravings!

Ivy A.
This Will Help Me With My Addiction To Sugar

It does work instantly, oh my God! I was not expecting that! Now I don't want the chocolate, it's so nasty! I just spit it right out. That is so weird. There's no sweet taste to it at all! I think if I use it daily, it will help me not to crave any sweets. I think this will help me lose weight. This will help me with my addiction to sugar. I was nervous to try this but it was better than I thought. If I do crave sugar, once I put it in my mouth, I'm not gonna like it, it's gonna be nasty - thanks to the spray!

Stacey N.
Will Definitely Help You To Stay Away From The Sweet Stuff

The chocolate chip cookie tasted like bread. This definitely has blocked the sweet receptors in my mouth. It really works! I think for anyone who really is plagued by frequent sweet cravings, this stuff is awesome! It really, really works! So if you're trying to lose weight, if you're just trying to cut down on your sugar intake, this product will definitely help you to stay away from the sweet stuff. I love it! I think it's a great product.