LIMITED TIME OFFER: 3 MORE Pouches of MenoSlim tea + 1 FREE TeaTox Booster

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 3 MORE Pouches of MenoSlim tea + 1 FREE TeaTox Booster

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Customer Reviews

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Camisha Loughridge

I love this tea! I'm almost out so I need to replenish but I feel the difference when I skip my tea! I feel like it balances me and it helps with my weight management! Highly recommend!

Julie Schwienebart
Not As Hungry For Lunch Right Away & I Have Lost 7 Pounds!!!

My first picture was taken right after Valentine's Day!! I noticed that the pounds were catching up to me as I was struggling with menopause and I had gained 10 extra pounds and was now the heaviest I had been since being pregnant 21 years ago! i knew I had to make a change and do it quickly! I saw the ad for MenoSlim tea and thought what the heck I'll try it. I have one cup every morning and have changed my eating habits and now walk a mile or so everyday on my tread mill. I exercise a little bit every week. I noticed when I drink the tea I'm not as hungry for lunch right away and I have lost 7 pounds!!! My clothes are fitting again since I started menopause and I'm working dilligently on my menopause tummy!!! Not there yet but not bad for 53! Thanks!

Allison South
Noticed A Reduction In Bloating And Increase In Energy

I started with TeaTox for 14 days to jumpstart my metabolism and have been drinking their MenoSlim tea every morning for the past two weeks. I have definitely experienced difference in my mood and my body. Not only have I noticed a reduction in bloating and increase in energy, but I also feel more emotionally steady throughout the day. Calmer and more serene. Even better, this tea tastes really good! Since most herbal teas taste medicinal to me, I was pleasantly surprised by how light and flavorful it tasted. I usually have to add a ton of agave or honey to my tea, but MenoSlim needs very little added sweetness to make it tasty for me. Even newbie tea drinkers will enjoy it. This tea is definitey a winner!

Jeanette Cummings
My Husband Is Amazed!!!

Before menoslim I had such a pouch in my belly. 6 months ago I was at the drs gained 10lbs because of pandemic. You just sit and eat. Nov 16, after my 14 day teatox I lost that 10 lbs. I was shocked how fast it came off. I weighed 130, now my new weight is 120. I am doing menoslim in the morning then I take 2 menopause pills with brekfast. Then at night I do menopause support. My husband is amazed!!! Ladies, I use 2 TVs ACV with another 1 tablespoon unrefined raw honey in my tea, tastes great! This is my story. I continue to feel better each day. My first picture was July 2020, my second picture is November 26, 2020.. thanksgiving day!

Roni Japonis
MenoSlim Is A God-Send!

I am excited to share my story with all the women out there suffering with menopause. I am 53 years old and my menopausal symptoms were unbearable for daily function. I found and their TeaTox and MenoSlim. I was skeptical but I needed relief. The fact it was all-natural was key. I am happy to say it does exactly what it says it does. I have energy, no coffee needed. No more hot flashes or night sweats. Bloating and fat decreased. MenoSlim is a God-send! I recommend it!

Camille Mansour
I Am Down To 13 Pounds

I am a 60-year old post-menopausal woman and, at this stage, the hot flashes and night sweats are pretty much not an issue anymore (pretty much). But, the weight gain and the BELLY FAT I gained during menopause is beyond belief. I started to feel like I could gain weight in my sleep. Throughout my life, although I had certain areas that were always an issue, (my thighs) even when I was thin, I NEVER had belly fat. I could even gain weight and still not have belly fat. It's been a real struggle so I decided to try MenoSlim. I can honestly say I physically felt the TeaTox working during the first two weeks. It was amazing. I then continued on with the MenoSlim Tea and have been drinking it for a few weeks now. I am down 13 pounds but, in full disclosure, I also buckled down on my eating habits and started a consistent exercise regimen again. Needless to say, I am feeling so much better about myself and, if the MenoSlim Tea is helping the process along, all the better.