LIMITED TIME OFFER: 3 MORE Pouches of MenoSlim tea + 1 FREE TeaTox Booster

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 3 MORE Pouches of MenoSlim tea + 1 FREE TeaTox Booster

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Customer Reviews

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Bernice Saiz
Slim Tea

I'm now starting to see the effects of my slimming down and very happy with starting to see the results. I'm going to order more. Thank you!

Tina Brunetti
I love this tea!

I love this tea! I drink Menoslim Teatox every 4 months for two weeks and drink the lemon and lime flavor Menoslim tea every morning before breakfast. I’ve lost weight and gained energy.

It works!

Recently everything that I was doing to help me shed a few pounds wasn't doing the trick.
I decided to try this and I am so glad I did!!! My clothes fit like they used to and I feel comfortable in my own skin once again! I love the organic ingredients and that it is from AZ. My home state.
Excellent product and excellent results! Thank you!

Karen Cox
Great Product!

I like Menoslim Tea as well as Menoslim Teatox. I also bought the Sleep Tea and the Lemon Tea. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I'm in the process of making food choices for my long term diet plan!

Camisha Loughridge

I love this tea! I'm almost out so I need to replenish but I feel the difference when I skip my tea! I feel like it balances me and it helps with my weight management! Highly recommend!

Julie Schwienebart
Not As Hungry For Lunch Right Away & I Have Lost 7 Pounds!!!

My first picture was taken right after Valentine's Day!! I noticed that the pounds were catching up to me as I was struggling with menopause and I had gained 10 extra pounds and was now the heaviest I had been since being pregnant 21 years ago! i knew I had to make a change and do it quickly! I saw the ad for MenoSlim tea and thought what the heck I'll try it. I have one cup every morning and have changed my eating habits and now walk a mile or so everyday on my tread mill. I exercise a little bit every week. I noticed when I drink the tea I'm not as hungry for lunch right away and I have lost 7 pounds!!! My clothes are fitting again since I started menopause and I'm working dilligently on my menopause tummy!!! Not there yet but not bad for 53! Thanks!