About Us

Made from a specially selected blend of herbal teas & antioxidant berries, "Perimenopause Symptoms Tea" is designed to alleviate menopausal symptoms and promote wellness. An added benefit of our tea is that when combined with healthy eating and exercise, it will leave your feeling energized & more youthful as the ingredients help to maintain skins collagen and elastin. We hope you try, enjoy & love our tea as much as we do.

This hand-blended loose-leaf herbal tea was designed by a food chemist who understands the chemistry of each ingredient and how it can best assist you when going through the uncomfortable changes related to menopause.  

Reasons why we started our tea store:

  • There were little, if any, organic herbal remedies on the market for women going through menopausal changes
  • Women were having trouble locating organic "herbal tea's" to alleviate their perimenopause symptoms
  • Many products were not scientifically proven or created by health professionals (our tea was specially developed by a top food scientist here in Canada who formulated the tea product based on proven scientific studies with peer-reviewed results). 
  • Women wanted a tea that could not only reduce hot flashes but provide additional health benefits, and this just did not exist on the market
  • Eighteen thousand women a month in North America are searching online trying to alleviate their menopausal symptoms and were demanding an all-in-one solution 

Additional Information:

  • We are located in Toronto, Canada
  • Been selling organic tea for 5 years offline successfully
  • Tea was formulated here in Canada from organic ingredients 
  • Our CEO and founder is a food scientist 
  • We care about you!